(Posted February 27, 2013)

I-Tunes, a popular media player that is free to download.

I-Tunes, a popular media player that is free to download.

As most college students will tell you, music is an integral part of life. It can help you unwind after a long day of class, give you a boost of positive energy when you're feeling blue, or get you bumping and grinding on the dance floor, but can it help you learn? Studies have shown that music and the part of the brain designated for memory are closely linked. Here, students tell if they listen to music while studying and what kind of music they find to be the most helpful.

Alex Matoushek '16, Scranton, Pa.:

I feel that music definitely helps me when I'm doing homework. It helps me block out anything else that's going on.

Tommy Gill '16, Altoona, Pa.:

Sometimes I listen to rock music while studying. I find that it gets me in the right state of mind to learn.

Deonte Alston '16, Baltimore, Md.:

I almost never listen to music while studying. If I do,, I usually end up listening to the song and not doing my work.

Brandon Gallagher '16, Hollidaysburg Pa.:

I don't personally listen to it but I hear that classical music increases intelligence, so (listening) might help someone remember a particular concept.

Charles Sweigert '16, Lancaster, Pa.:

Music definitely helps me concentrate when studying. I usually have rap or hip-hop playing from my speakers.

- Josh Maier '16, Juniata Online Journalist

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