Super Bowl XLVII: The Commercial Side

(Posted February 14, 2013)

With the power outage after half-time and an almost amazing comeback from the San Francisco 49ers, it's easy to forget the reason many Americans watch the Super Bowl in the first place, the commercials. Here students share their favorite commercials from this year's Super Bowl Sunday.

Jabari Fuller '16, Portmore, Jamaica.:
I really liked the Dorito's commercial where the goat screams, it was pretty hilarious.

Alex Knoth '16, Lewistown, Pa.:
My favorite was the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale. They get me every year.

Doug Pierce '16, Newtown, Conn..:
The jeep commercial that Oprah narrated was very well done. It definitely made me want to buy a jeep.

Robert Link '16, Rochester, N.Y.:
I thought that the Dodge commercial where the narrator kept saying "So God made a farmer" was pretty powerful. It was a lot more serious than most of the other commercials.

Christian Getz '16, Tyrone, Pa.:
The GoDaddy commercial with the supermodel kissing the nerdy kid was easily the funniest.

Josh Maier '16, Juniata Online Journalist

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