The Other Teams: Intramurals at Juniata

(Posted March 6, 2013)

Juniata athletic teams are not just limited to athletes on varsity or club rosters. Intramural sports, including basketball, soccer and flag football, are offered to any person willing to sign up. Soccer and basketball have one season per semester, held within the Intramural Gym at Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center. Flag football is held outside and begins toward the end of the spring semester. Students of all classes and genders assemble teams to compete for the same goal, a championship; or just to have fun. Either way, these athletes weighed in to give their opinion about IM sports at Juniata.

Katie Keating '13, Huntingdon, Pa.:

I'm in charge of running all of the IM sports this year, and I also compete in a few. We currently just started the basketball season, and it seems to be as competitive as in the past. IM sports are great for anyone looking for an active study break and some fun during the week.

Greg Hess '13, Hanover, Pa.:

I love IM sports and I have played both basketball and soccer here since my freshman year. I always have fun, but it's always pretty competitive as well.

Phil Alexander '14, Bel Air, Md.:

Last spring I played on the IM championship soccer team. Even though it's supposed to be just for fun, we got really into it, especially when we were in the playoffs. I played many sports in high school, but not here, so it's awesome that we have that option.

Hilary Smith '13, Blacksburg, Va.:

I wouldn't say that I'm a basketball star, but heck yeah I play during IMs. We've got the title locked up this year … just kidding. We all have fun, though.

Ryan Dempsey '14, West Chester, Pa.:

I'm a Juniata College IM sports legend. Not only do I score goals during soccer season, but I take flag football to a whole other level. It's amazing that I do it all without, really, ever playing a sport in my life.

-Seth Ruggiero '14 Juniata Online Journalist

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