Plugged In: How Connected Are You?

(Posted April 3, 2013)

Connected, a documentary focusing on society attachment technology including our love for Apple products, was shown on campus.

How much time do you spend plugged in? Juniata College recently showed a documentary called Connected, examining one woman's technological, social, and ecological connections to the world. After the documentary, students shared their own thoughts on how they are connected.

Gus Redmond '14, Bethesda, Md.:

I feel that I am connected. I can talk with my cousins in Alaska instantly over the web. But finding that balance between being plugged in and unplugged is important, lest we forget how to interact with each other on a personal level.

Kathleen Myers '15, Naples, Fla.:

I do feel more connected through technology because it's how I keep in contact with most of the people I know. It's nice to be able to keep in touch with people I don't see every day. I do think that accusations of technology replacing face-to-face communication are somewhat exaggerated.

Duc Vu '15, Hanoi, Vietnam:

I need technology to communicate because I am far away from home, but I prefer face-to-face communication.

Bridget Canning '14, Centre Hall, Pa.:

I'm actually not a tech zombie, or I don't consider myself as one. I'm not a part of the Apple craze at all. I'm tech savvy, but I wouldn't consider myself plugged in. I'm at a happy medium. I'm not really obsessed with any of my electronic devices. I have a wacky phone but I hardly use it. I don't like go on the Internet with it or anything. It's like a personal organizer.

Lynn Bachman '13, Baltimore, Md.:

I use the Internet most of the time. I usually just use my computer. My phone doesn't even get texting. I can talk to my friends back home and my parents and everything. I think I would be lonely if I wasn't able to talk to people.

Laura Bitely '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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