Empty Bowls Fill Empty Tummies

(Posted May 2, 2013)

Empty Bowls allow students to purchase bowls created by other Juniatians for $10.

It's easy to forget some of the harsh realities that exist for other people in the world. We live predominantly comfortable lives here at Juniata with all-you-can-eat Baker food and in the United States.. However, not everyone in the world experiences this basic human need. According to the World Hunger Education Service, there are an estimated 925 million hungry people in the world, which is 13.1 percent of the world population. To help out local families in the Huntingdon Area, Juniata College and the Huntingdon community helped to organize the Empty Bowls event. Hannah Miller, a Juniata student in the Peace and Conflict Studies program and the president of PAXO, provides some background information on Empty Bowls and the success of the event last Friday. If you would like an opportunity to help out those in the Huntingdon area, The National Association of Letter Carriers is holding its annual "Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive on Saturday, May 11th. For more information visit the Huntingdon Area Food Bank's Website at: http://hafb.org/.

Q: What is Empty Bowls about? And who is benefiting from the fundraiser?

A: Empty Bowls is an awesome annual event put on by Juniata College for the College and the Huntingdon Community. Empty Bowls is actually an ongoing, international grassroots effort to raise money and awareness to finally end hunger in the US and across the world. Different events are held across the globe all year long, and the Empty Bowls event at Juniata has become somewhat of a tradition. All of the money raised is donated to the local Huntingdon area food banks, but really everyone who attends benefits from the fundraiser because it's such a wonderful community event.

Q: Which Juniata groups were involved?

A: At Juniata, the Empty Bowls dinner is put on by four clubs working together: PAXO, Mud Junkies, Catholic Council, and Art Alliance. I was the representative for PAXO, and our club was responsible for getting the donations of soup and bread provided by local businesses. This year we got 35 gallons. The other clubs help plan and organize the event by advertising and making the beautiful handmade bowls that are given to each person who buys a ticket for the event.

Q: What were some challenges you faced and did you reach your fundraising goal?

A: We made about $3,000 this year, which is absolutely amazing. Let me tell you, transporting piping hot gallons of soup by car is not the easiest feat, and a couple people have burns to show for it (or at least wet pants) and I'm sure the people who made the bowls got some clay-covered clothes in return, but the beauty of this event is being able to enjoy a wonderful meal, a beautiful bowl, good company, and give back to the community at the same time.

Hannah Jeffery '16 Juniata Online Journalist

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