On the Road: Planning Campus Visits

(Posted July 12, 2013)

Terri Bollman-Dalansky, director of enrollment operations

Most high school students view summer as a time to attend beach parties and spend time with family and friends. Terri Bollman-Dalansky '85, director of enrollment operations, shares how the summer can be a time filled with fun and relaxation along with some thinking about future college plans. She gives some advice to students and parents on how to prepare for the big college decision and how to make the process of deciding a bit easier.

Q. How can vacation time, meant to focus less on school, include college plans?

A. Take a vacation during the summer and tour different colleges along your way. The summer time is the ideal time for families to go visit colleges. It is a more convenient and more relaxed time for everybody in the family to visit a college, instead of trying to schedule tours during the academic school year.

Q. How should students prepare for a tour?

A. Write down some questions. Decide before you attend the visit what is important to you so you will be able to ask someone who is experiencing first-hand what you are curious about.

Q. How can parents become more knowledgeable about different colleges during the summer?

A. Once publications of different colleges come in the mail, not only should the student look them over, but the parents should too. Reading the publications will allow them to discuss different aspects of college with their child. It is also important to encourage students to do research on colleges on their own and support their decision.

Q. Knowing that their child might be living here for the next few years, what should parents be doing during tours?

A. Let your child take the lead on the tour. Allow them to speak and let them ask the questions. Encourage them that no question is a stupid question on a tour. If some questions still aren't asked by the end of the tour, then ask those specific questions, but allow your child to take charge of the tour.

Q. Is there anything else students can do to know if a specific college is right for them?

A. Have a conversation with an admissions counselor. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you might not feel comfortable asking a tour guide. The conversation allows students to get one on one time with a counselor and ask any questions they may have.

By Lauren Frantz '15, Juniata Online Journalist

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