Lobsterfest Gets Students Involved

(Posted September 16, 2013)

Lobsterfest enables students to find clubs to join.

Lobsterfest Gets Juniata Students Involved

Every year, students unite on the quad to celebrate one of Juniata's many traditions: Lobsterfest. This event provides new and returning students with the opportunity to learn about the more than 80 clubs on campus. Juniata offers a wide range of organizations including sports, outdoors, arts, culture, government, spirituality, science, community service, and communication and programming groups. The club activities are followed by a meal featuring lobster, steak, and fried chicken. Club officers entice students to their tables with tasty treats for possible participants. Lobsterfest encourages students to become more involved on campus and in the community. Hear what students have to say about their interests in clubs offered at Juniata:

Hailey Aguero, '16, Newington, Conn.

"As a freshman at Lobsterfest last year, I was interested in joining All Ways of Loving (AWoL), Trans Parachute United (TPU), and Hellbenders (women's rugby). I stayed actively involved in rugby because it was a good way for me to meet people, it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of social and athletic skills that I never even knew I had before. The fact that I was welcomed into the club as a freshman and that they were patient in teaching me the sport made the transition to college easier for me."

C.J. Briggs, '14, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"When I first came to Juniata, I was interested in AWoL, Otaku Culture Club, and United Spiritual Council. I was told about TPU (Trans Parachute United) by student Liz Sunde during a lunch date when I visited the school. Most of TPU's members were seniors last year: There were only two of us that weren't going to be leaving. Liz asked me to take over as president. I was kind of apprehensive about it, but I agreed, because, in addition to educating others about transgender issues, TPU acts as a support group for the transgender community on campus. I didn't want that to disappear."

Michael Burin, '14, Vienna, Va.

"I was involved in Kvasir Literary Journal and Star Wars Club. I usually just show up to give my input. It is important for these clubs to have consistent members; otherwise they will get shut down by the school. These clubs (the ones I'm in) include things in which I am interested. I joined Kvasir to read student essays and poems. The best are published in the literary magazine. We also get a number of art submissions, which are always nice to see. Star Wars club, well... hasn't everyone wished they could be a Jedi?"

Carl Douglas, '15, Sioux City, Iowa

"As a freshman, I was interested in AWoL, Kvasir Literary Journal, Laughing Bush Outdoors Club, Ministry of Games, Sigma Pi Sigma (SPS, the physics honor society), and Student Food Initiative (SFI). Currently, I am involved in Bike JC, the Eco House, German Club, Laughing Bush, Ministry of Games, Otaku Culture Club, and SPS. All of my clubs involved activities or interests that I thought were really neat. Unfortunately I didn't have time for everything."

Laura Vannucci, '15, New Fairfield, Conn.

"In my freshman year I participated in Social Dance Club and AWoL. I am also currently a member of Juniata Environmental Coalition (JEC) and JC Divers. I have joined Laughing Bush this year as well. I liked having an opportunity to do things that I'm interested in. I like dancing but do not really know how to dance well. That is why Social Dance was so much fun my freshmen year. Unfortunately I got too busy last year to be involved, but I'm going to try again this year. I got my diving certification with JC Divers last year, which was fun, and with an Environmental Science POE, JEC is a good way to be active in conservation and education while still in school. Laughing Bush will give me more opportunities to get outdoors in my busy schedule."

-Kymberly Mattern '15, Juniata Online Journalist

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