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Brumbaugh Academic Center (BAC)

The Brumbaugh Academic Center (1965) is among the best-equipped in the nation for a liberal arts college. Recently renovated classrooms and seminar rooms in the south wing provide comfortable seating for workshops. Additional classrooms in two other wings will provide a number of extra rooms for various purposes.

In addition to all of the classroom space, the circular hub includes Alumni Hall, a 400-seat auditorium, the perfect venue for small concerts, large lectures, film viewing, workshops and more.

Star Search: Juniata Refurbishes Century-Old Telescope

Physics professors are noted for thinking Big Ideas, like the origin of the universe, quarks, black holes. At Juniata, the physics faculty does ponder those questions but they also notice the little thing —like an antique 100-year-old telescope gathering dust in a storage room. Currently, two professors are overseeing the restoration of a 1908 Brashear telescope, which was purchased that year by the College after its maker, James A. Brashear visited Juniata to give a lecture. The faculty decided to buy the instrument and Brashear himself delivered the 5-inch refractor telescope on a return lecture date. Flash-forward a century or so as Jim Borgardt, professor of physics, takes a group of students enrolled in the College's Remote Field Course on a tour of Arizona's Lowell Observatory. The guide takes pains to show the group a beautifully maintained old telescope. Full Story...

Soaring Oratory

I can't believe it all fits under my pillow. Like a tooth waiting to meet the Tooth Fairy, my speech rests beneath my head for eight hours straight. Why? Because Grace Fala told me to. Someone who didn't know Grace, one of the guiding lights of the Bailey Oratorical Contest, might think, "Wonderful, she's taking crackpot speech-giving advice." I knew better. That's right, I'm competing in my third straight Bailey Oratorical Contest. You'd think by now it would be old hat. Well, no. It's just as nerve-wracking as before. Don't get me wrong, I'm comfortable in front of an audience. Just ask my parents. Old videos reveal an excitable child with an unrelenting gaze fixed intently on the camcorder. From mini dance performances to TV sitcom spoofs with friends, I don't mind having all eyes on me. But there's something about simply speaking in front of people—using nothing but your words—that makes even the confident performer weak in the knees. Full Story...

A Map and the Wild: Taking Business to the 2,000-Foot Level

By Caitlin Bigelow ’11

Commonly known around campus as H.O.B.O., this class could be straight out of Discovery Channel’s Man Versus Wild except the professors aren’t about to make you eat worms. The class is actually called Behavioral Analysis of Organizations (it’s previous title spelled H.O.B.O.) and is open to all students. After all interpersonal and managerial skill are important to most POEs and many careers, too. In this course, you spend the first half of the class building a close relationship with your group and developing organizational skills. The second half you put those new-found relationships to the test, traversing the rugged Allegheny Mountains and meeting three checkpoints with nothing but a compass, a map and your teammates. Full Story...

Phreak Out: Physics Phun Night

Phreak Out: Physics Phun Night

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