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Mountain Day of the Mind

One day during the spring, classes are cancelled and the entire college community celebrates the research, project development and performances of Juniata students.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

About the Symposium

On the day of the Symposium all day classes are suspended so that the college community can participate in this event. Oral presentations, poster sessions, art displays, and performances will run throughout the day. The Symposium is intended to allow the campus to focus on the varieties of research, project development and performance abilities of Juniata students.

Submission Process

The submission process includes a notice of intent to participate in the symposium, followed by the submission of a formal abstract. The notice of intent will include some basic information and the title of your project. Due date for this submission is March 2nd. To submit your notice of intent, students should follow this link, and complete the appropriate information. Upon submission, you and your sponsor will receive an email notifying you the information has been accepted. At a later time, students will receive an email prompt containing the appropriate link to submit their abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is March 31st.

Students may opt to do a poster or an oral presentation. The oral presentation should be 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes for follow-up questions. Depending on the number of participants, some students may be asked to do a poster instead of an oral presentation.

Information to help you develop an effective poster or presentation is available here.

Click this link for guidelines for creating and printing your poster with the Juniata Print Shop. The poster submission deadline for 2015 LAS is Thursday, 16.April. Details are in the link.

If you have questions or problems regarding the submission process, please contact Megan Brenneman, Heather Bumbarger, or Jerry Kruse.

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