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Cost 2014-2015

  • Tuition = $37,870
  • Fees = $760
  • Room and Board = $10,710
  • Total = $49,340


Scholarships and Financial Planning



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Scholarships and Aid


Juniata is committed to working with students and their families to ensure that the ability to pay doesn’t prevent a student from enjoying the career momentum of a Juniata education.  Need-based financial aid and academic scholarships are among the most significant ways of doing this.

Juniata awarded over $28 million in scholarships and grants for the 2013-14 academic year.  Through these resources, work study, and ensuring that students can graduate in four years or less, the average graduate in 2013 had loans of $28,967.  To learn how Juniata may help you manage the cost of an education, use the Personal Cost Estimator. The estimator generally produces a summary that is within $1,000 of the total scholarship and aid that Juniata awards. More detail is available in the Scholarship & Financial Planning brochure.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Juniata offers an array of competitive scholarships that recognize the outstanding achievements of incoming students without regard to financial need. Academic Scholarships at Juniata reward students who do well academically, but also contribute to their school and community by getting involved.  For most scholarships at Juniata, all you have to do is apply to be considered!  There are four major groups of scholarships.

James Quinter Scholarships, valued at $80,000 over four years ($20,000 per year), honor the College’s first president.  Students whose cumulative GPA is 3.75 or better and who receive at least a 1320 (M+V)/30 ACT Composite or better are eligible for consideration.  For students transferring 27 or more credits, their GPA for college credits will be used. For others, a combination of college and high school credits will be used.

Calvert Ellis Scholarships, valued at up to $80,000 over four years (up to $20,000 per year), honor the president who led Juniata in the post-World War II era.  These scholarships range from $10,000 to $20,000 per year and are determined by a review of the student’s academic, extracurricular and community achievements. 

Heritage and Ray Day Scholarships, valued between $2,000 and $8,000 per year are awarded to students who show commitment to academic excellence, leadership and community service that culminate in a level of understanding among diverse groups.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships - Two $24,000 scholarships at Juniata College are awarded annually to transfer students with outstanding academic achievements signified by a grade point average of no less than 3.85. Selection of scholarship recipients is based on applications, and interviews and considers extracurricular and community experiences in addition to academic work. To apply, contact Maria Engels, Transfer Coordinator, at

Other opportunities exist for high-achieving students.  If you have achieved both a 3.5 or better GPA and SAT scores of 1300 or better/ACT scores of 29 or better, notify your Juniata College enrollment counselor that you would like to be considered for additional competitive scholarship opportunities.  Apply by January.

For Distinguished Scholar Awards, clearly indicate on your application that you have achieved some level of National Merit, National Hispanic or National Achievement recognition.  Apply by January.  Interviews are conducted in February of the senior year.

Need-Based Grants

Juniata has a variety of grants that are used to make the College as affordable as possible. On average, 88% of a student's demonstrated need is met. For all non-scholarship aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required. When completing the FAFSA, Juniata's code number is 003279.