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Executive in Residence Program

“Executive in Residence” program gives our students an opportunity to engage with leaders in their field of study. These executives enhance the classroom instruction by providing students with ‘real life’ practical applications of business decisions and problems. The executives spend several days on campus, which allows maximum time for student engagement.  The executives share their experience and expertise in a variety of ways. The executives work with students in the classroom; meet with individual students for mentoring and career guidance, and lead an open session available to the entire campus.

Previous Executive in Residence Speakers

                                                                                                                                  photo by:  Sungouk Park

Fred Mason, spring 2012 (pictured above)

Lisa Giles, fall 2012 (in the picture below)


Carl Glaeser, fall 2011 (in the picture above)

Tim Statton, spring 2011


Charles "Bud" Wise, fall 2010 (in the picture below)

Todd Kulp, spring 2010

Upcoming Executive in Residence Speaker

Tracey Grajewski, October 21-25, 2013


Previous Guest Speakers

Scott Cody, spring 2011 (in the picture above)

Frank Casey

Courtney Briggs

Katie Krugh

Andy Scott

Cliff Berg

Jeff Lau