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We have been teaching entrepreneurship since the 1980s. There are now four courses about entrepreneurship. Students start in EB 107 Hands-on Enterprise Leadership Lab (HELLab), which is a one credit hour lab, attached to EB 101 Introduction to Business.

What separates Juniata from the many entrepreneurial programs already available at other institutions is the creation by students of sustainable enterprises. These will not just be one-shot "freshman projects" that masquerade as "learning how to run a business." ABE students often assist entrepreneurially minded Juniata students with POEs in other disciplines, such as chemistry and information technology.

The Juniata Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL)

JCEL is an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among students and in the community. JCEL embraces our program's historical strengths. Therefore, JCEL and the members of the ABE department work together often.

The Seed Capital Fund is an investment pool for students to get money to start up their businesses. The fund already has over $650,000 in endowment. Each student is eligible for $5,000 of start-up funding if the business plan is accepted.

The Sill Incubator provides space for rent to student entrepreneurs if they need more space.

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