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Anna Butterfield

"I am now beginning to look at graduate schools and feel more confident about attending because of the research I've done."

Anna Butterfield '06

Many students remain on campus over the summer to do research with Juniata faculty. We have had as many as 50 students doing paid summer research in the various departments. Many students also do research during the academic year, either on a volunteer basis or for credit. In addition, some students spend summers at other sites doing research. Recent students have been at federal labs at Oak Ridge and Argonne, academic labs at Harvard, Utah, Virginia, and Berkeley, and industrial labs such as Exygen and Restek.

Most Juniata chemistry graduates do research at some point during their undergraduate careers, and many present their work at outside conferences. Juniata always has one of the largest contingents at the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and between 10 and 20 students usually attend the spring American Chemical Society meeting and present posters there.

Student Research

Available Projects

Recent Publications in Refereed Journals

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