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Amber Thomas '09

"We often don't realize how much the professors, faculty and staff do in order to guarantee we receive the best education. They might give out tons of homework and grade hard, but they are doing it to benefit you once you get out in the real world."

Amber Thomas '09

Tim Auman '10 is currently employed as a marketing videographer at Penn State University, a position that he secured with his vast experience at the Juniata Digital Media Studio with coordinator Nathan Wagoner.

Bryan Aungst '13 received the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Social Responsibility Fellowship at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which will pay his tuition and stipend as Aungst earns a master’s degree at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, N.J. He had worked at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, in Titusville, N.J., during summer and holiday breaks.

Michelle Calka (MA from Ball State University); working on PhD - fully funded; currently at Ohio University in Digital Media Studies.

Alyssa Cuttler '10 is currently employed as a Production Assistant on the AMC show Rubicon. Alyssa's undergraduate internship with Rachel Ray no doubt helped her secure her current role, as did her POE in digital media.

Kelsey Deck '11 is employed as an admissions coordinator at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy. "Juniata really prepared me for this position,” Kelsey says. “It taught me hard work, dedication and responsibility. Juniata also gave me a strong sense of professionalism. I am thankful for the immense load of work I had while at Juniata, for it has taught me diligence and the ability to prioritize and follow through."

Jacob Dickerson (MA from the University of Colorado, Denver); working on PhD - fully funded; currently at Unviersity of North Carolina in Media Studies.

Laura Drews (MA from Penn State in Media); working on PhD - fully funded; currently at Ohio University in Digital Media Studies.

Tom Eck '12 is attending Syracuse University in pursuit of his master's degree in journalism.

Kelsey Fuller '13 is employed at Crump Life Insurance in Harrisburg, Pa.

Natalie Hershberger '12 has been accepted at Emory University and the University of Pittsburgh's School of Public Health.

Alex Loughran '12 is currently pursuing his master's degree in entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Tara McMinn '08 completed her master's degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh in May 2012.

Andrew Meloney '12 is currently pursuing his master’s degree in broadcasting, telecommunication and mass media at Temple University.>

Nichole Cook Monica '00 is the Director of Communications at Mount Nittany Medical Center, a position she has held since 2009. Her POE at Juniata was health communication.

Katie Peters '12 is attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, pursuing a doctorate in communication.

Josh Scacco '08 is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in communication studies and political communication at the University of Texas at Austin. This follows Josh's career with Triad Strategies in Harrisburg, Pa. He cites internships with State Representative Jerry Stern and with Triad as the keys to his current success. Communication professor Donna Weimer and politics professor Dennis Plane are his Juniata mentors.

Adam Stanley '12 is currently pursuing a master's of arts degree in media studies at NYU.

Nicole Staricek '09 is pursuing her doctorate in mass communication at the University of Kentucky thanks to a teaching assistantship. Prior to this, Nicole completed her master's degree at Auburn University.

Katie Tavenner '09 is currently a research intern at the Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning. She credits courses like Intercultural Communication with Grace Fala, Gender and Conflict with Celia Cook-Hoffman, Identity in the Modern World with Donna Weimer, Paula Wagner and Celia Cook-Hoffman, and Qualitative Research Methods with Lynn Cockett as most helping her excel at her current job duties.

Jenny Wang '12 is currently pursuing a master's degree in public communication at American University.

Andy Waplinger '12 is employed as film intern at Rokenbok Toys in Solana Beach, Calif. While at Juniata, Andy interned behind the scenes at the Showtime hit show Weeds while also serving as a Juniata Associate for the Digital Media Studio.

Heather Wolfe '09 is employed as a middle school teacher in Stovall, North Carolina, through Teach for America. She teaches 23 kids all the subjects in their grade level and cites all of her communication classes as helping her—“no matter where I go or what employment I undertake.” Her inspiration at Juniata was Lynn Cockett.