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Children's Construction Project
The art of a child.

In the fall, we noticed that many of the children were interested in constructing things. They built tracks, trucks, and castles, to name a few. With the demolition of Oneida Hall and the preparation for the building of the new Science Center -- right in our own back yard -- the Construction Project was born

We felt that the Construction Project offered us numerous opportunities to meet our goals and objectives (see Standards). The children told us what they wanted to know about construction and we webbed possibilities. We read many books about construction.

As the children continued to build inside and out, we began to observe and draw the construction on campus. We observed and drew Oneida Hall and then watched as it was demolished. The children built the new Science Center from blocks. They made a sign for it and used stethoscopes to listen for termites. We experimented with building high and making steps to the top of the pole.

The art of a child.

Keith built us a light table and workbench, which added a new dimension to our constructions. We tried building on a mirror and observed the reflection of what we made.

As a culmination activity, we plan to build a loft for our Center. The children have been generating ideas about how it should be built. A parent is designing it. The children, their families, and the community will contribute to the materials and to the actual building. We are very excited about this broad-reaching phase of our construction project!