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Logan Barkman '09 - York, St. John University, UK

I attended York St. John University in York, England during the fall of 2007. While I was there, I took classes primarily in history. I found the experience of learning in another culture very beneficial, especially since I have a Social Studies Secondary Education POE.

The classes that I took while at York St. John were War and Society, the Making of Britain, and The Contemporary American City. Each class met once a week for 2-3 hours. The only grades I earned were for two research papers. I did not need any textbooks for these classes. Each professor gave a reading list for their course. I found this very helpful.

While in York, I was able to travel to several countries. I spent weekends in Edinburgh, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; London; and Rome, Italy. Each place was very interesting and had many things to see. I also went to some smaller places within England such as Whitby and Scarborough, and the Lake District.

I made many new friends, both American and British. I stay in contact with many of them, and I will see some of them this summer.

Living and studying in York was somewhat different compared to Juniata. York was a large city but easy to get around, and it had many interesting places to visit and explore. The class load wasn't as rigorous as it is at Juniata. I also had my own room instead of sharing with another student. The York campus was small like Juniata's, and it had a friendly atmosphere.

Studying abroad was a great experience. I really enjoyed my stay in York and I recommend that Education majors should study abroad some time during their time at Juniata.