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Latest Graduates:

George Bivens '14
Government & Literature POE
Graduate Student
Dickinson School of Law for J.D.

Jessica Mills '14
English & Secondary Education POE
Graduate Student
Purdue University for Agricultural Communications

Jeffrey Yoder
Jeffrey Yoder ’13
English POE
Associate Technical Writer
Allscripts in Raleigh, NC

Asia Barron '13
English & Philosophy POE
Graduate Student
Clarion University for Speech Language Pathology

Recent Graduates:

Kayci Nelson '14, whose POE was Information Technology & Professional Writing, is a Service Desk Analyst at PPG Industries in PA.

Asia Barron '13 is currently enrolled in a master’s program studying speech language pathology at Clarion University.

Jeffrey Yoder '13 is currently employed as an associate technical writer at Allscripts in Raleigh, N.C.

Megan Gotowski ’12 is currently enrolled in the master’s degree program in linguistics at the University of North Carolina.

Stephen Horwath ’12 is continuing his study of fine arts and literature in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Samantha Stroupe '12 is teaching in Penang, Malaysia, for the Universiti Sains Malaysia for a program called Princeton in Asia.

Nanse Clewell ’11 is currently pursuing her master’s degree in literature at York St. John University in York, England. “When it comes to being independent in England, I owe it all to my Juniata experience,” Nanse says. “I would never even have thought about studying in another country if I wouldn't have done the Eagles Abroad program. Juniata has also prepared me for the workload of graduate school, for which I am very grateful! I don't think I'd be where I am today if it wasn't for my professors and advisors pushing me to do my best.”

Nick Galante '11 is attending graduate school at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Erica Harp '11 is the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Hofstra University in New York, NY. She is an example of what great outcomes students can achieve quickly after graduation by combining academic disciplines. While at Juniata, she studied communication, conflict studies, and English.

Andra Sipols '10 is employed as an English teacher at Juniata Valley High School in PA. While at Juniata, Andra’s POE was English and secondary education with a secondary emphasis in French. "The English department at Juniata is one of a kind," Andra says. "They understand that English is about much more than writing papers and reading books. It is about finding new answers to old questions and asking new questions about age-old theories. It is about gaining new perspectives, forming your own theories, and truly appreciating the art of reading, writing, and speaking. It is because of them that I can confidently teach my students and make English exciting."

Katie Cibort '09 is currently employed as Sales and Traffic Coordinator at WITF, Inc. in Harrisburg, PA.

Celia Herlihy '09 is employed by J. Marks Moore III law firm in Baltimore, MD. Her current job duties include legal writing and research. She credits Judy Katz as her mentor at Juniata.

Megan Bachinski '08 is employed as an Editorial Assistant at the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute. In her current job duties, she enjoys editing manuscripts to be published in top-tier journals. She also helps in a lab that works to design new immunotherapies and develop therapeutic vaccines for patients with advanced cancer. She credits her work in the Writing Center and also as a Teaching Assistant in the Communication Department as giving her the skills to succeed in her current position.

Kazia Eastep Knepp '08 is currently a news reporter with the Morrisons Cove Herald following her graduate work at Emerson College, during which she taught adult education.

Chris Burlingame '07 is currently employed at the Morrisons Cove Herald. He has finished his second novel and is currently pursuing his M.F.A.

Stephanie Stupic Putt '07 is employed as a Technical Writer at Concurrent Technologies Corporation in Johnstown, PA. She writes press releases and articles for the company's websites. She began at CTC as an intern while at Juniata.

Kevin Fasick '06 is a news reporter for the New York Post.

Steve Knepper '06 is an assistant professor of English at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA.

Tommy McConnell ’06 is a sportswriter for The Washington Post in Washington, DC.

Rebecca Barrett-Fox ’00 is an assistant professor of history at Bethel College in North Newton, KS. While at Juniata, Rebecca studied English and human studies. She earned her master’s and doctorate from the University of Kansas, both in American studies.