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Designated English POE

The designated English POE has three components:

The Core

The core is a set of ten required courses which give you a thorough grounding in the basics of literature study. There's an introductory course in the various forms of literature, plus courses in British, American, and World literatures, courses in linguistics, and a capstone course in literary criticism.

The Creative Component

You also take at least one course in one of the traditional modes of creative writing, either poetry, fiction, or essays.


Here you choose at least five courses from a menu that concentrates on particular literary genres, such as novels, poetry, plays, and short stories. There are also special topics courses on a wide variety of subjects.

Individualized POE

We encourage you to create your own POE, mixing English with other disciplines. Because literature can cover any and all subjects imaginable, literature study has widespread application in other academic fields. So just about any field of study can combine with English to produce an exciting and distinctive experience.

Independent Studies

You may include up to two independent studies in an individualized POE. These are subjects of your own choosing, which allow you one-on-one instruction from an English Department faculty member. Together you and the instructor decide on the scope of the study, which is limited only by your imaginations.

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