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Wildlife Conservation

The Wildlife Conservation POE is designed to provide students with both the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge necessary to work as a professional in the field of wildlife conservation, using a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of wild animals and their habitats. Students have the option of selecting from a variety of courses offered at Juniata, including wildlife biology and management, zoology, botany, chemistry, and mathematics.

The specific requirements of the Wildlife Conservation POE are listed below.  Substitutions require permission of the wildlife advisors:

Total credit hours = 59

Possible Schedule for POE

Raystown Field Station: The Raystown Field Station provides students with a unique setting to study and do research. Residential programs are available at the station each semester.  The curriculum offered during the spring semester is tailored to fit the needs of the Wildlife Conservation POE. Some possible schedules to incorporate the field station semester into your POE are listed here - for students entering as freshmen on an even year, and for students entering as freshmen on an odd year. The Station also offers a summer program that focuses on providing students with specialized zoology courses needed to certify as an associate wildlife biologist from The Wildlife Society. Details on the course offerings at the Station can be accessed at the official website of the Raystown Field Station.

Wildlife Certification: The Wildlife Society, the professional organization for wildlife educators, managers and others who work to study, conserve, and manage wildlife and its habitat. The Wildlife Society recognizes professional credentials through a certification process, and the details of this process can be accessed at the official Wildlife Society website.

Juniata College offers all of the courses required for certification as an Associate Wildlife Biologist.  Since the requirements for certification are more extensive than the Wildlife Conservation POE, it would require more planning to complete in 4 years.  To help with the planning, here is a possible schedule for certification.