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    Applying to Professional Schools

    Final Details

    Additional helpful information includes:

    Keep our office informed. We are here to help you, but we need your help as well. As two important reminders, please be sure to:

    Prepare for your interview by becoming educated about health care issues and by being articulate about why you want to be a health professional, why you would like to attend the particular school at which you are interviewing, and highlights from your shadowing experiences that confirmed your career choice. Also review what you learned at the interview training workshop and your own experience with your Committee interview. If you were advised by Committee members that you could use additional interview training, be sure to sign up for additional one-on-one training in the Career Services Office. Also see the Helpful Websites at the top of this page.

    On the day of your interview it is important that you be as relaxed as possible. Arrive in plenty of time and go to a quiet place to center yourself. Soft belly breathing is very helpful. If you center yourself on a regular basis, you will not only be able to relax better during your interview, but you will also accrue long-term benefits, some of which involve changes in gene expression.

    The waiting game. It can be very stressful waiting to hear about the outcome of your applications. It is important to support each other and to keep our office informed of your status! If you have any concerns or need a listening ear we are here for you.

    If you are accepted

    If you are on the wait list it will be helpful to follow up with the school by sending your first semester senior grades with any updates and a letter of intent indicating your continued interest

    If you are rejected all is not lost! We work with our students indefinitely beyond graduation and will advise you on your next steps. Most students are successful on reapplication.

    Reapplication requires addressing the specific issue(s) that proved problematic on your initial application. It is critical to talk with your health professions advisor to discussion your situation. This could involve just retaking the admission exam, getting more shadowing experience, improving your interview skills, and/or working to enhance your GPA. If a formal post-baccalaureate program is in order there is a concise list of programs at allopathic medical schools that may also be appropriate for fields other than medicine. There are many such programs at osteopathic schools as well, including PCOM and LECOM as just two examples. Be sure to consider the financial implications of these programs, as they do NOT guarantee a position in professional school.


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