Health Professions

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Applying to Professional Schools

Individual Application vs Cooperative Application Services

Individual Application

Professions that are not listed below under “Cooperative Application Services” require you to apply directly to each school. In addition, not all schools in a profession that subscribes to a Cooperative Application Service choose to participate in the service. In both of these cases, see school websites for information and an application.

Cooperative Application Services

Many professions have a cooperative application service that allows you to enter all your information once and then designate multiple schools to which the application is sent.

Many of the schools that participate will then send you a secondary application with additional questions and an additional fee. Individual school policies for secondary applications vary widely. Some schools send a secondary application to every applicant, while others send them only to competitive applicants.

General Information on Cooperative Services

Specifics on the Cooperative Services

Links to the specific cooperative services are below. In addition, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions provides a summary sheet of information.

READ ALL of the fine print on the website carefully and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. If you have questions, contact the service as indicated on the website. Our Office cannot keep abreast of the many details involved.

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