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Applying to Professional Schools

Special Circumstances with Study Abroad

Study abroad and professional school prerequisites: It is optimal NOT to take any prerequisite courses abroad, as not all schools will accept them. However, if you got the OK from your schools in your situation and the prerequisite courses are delayed due to a different academic schedule abroad, indicate on your application that they are in progress. Send an update of your transcript to the individual schools as soon as you can.

Studying abroad junior year
The following information applies ONLY if you are planning on matriculating directly to professional school after Juniata. If you are planning on a gap year, you can wait until senior year to complete these tasks.

Before you leave:

Studying abroad senior year

If you are planning to matriculate directly to professional school after Juniata, it is not optimal to study abroad senior year, as you will likely be called for interviews and many schools do not allow interview by Skype.

However, if you choose to do this anyway:

Application Logistics for Students Who Have Studied Abroad

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