Health Professions

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Pre-Health Administration

Essential Courses


Course # Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
EB 101 Introduction to Business 3 None
EB 131 Financial Accounting



EB 201 The Management Process 3 Sophomore Standing
EB 202 Behavioral Analysis of Organizations 4 Sophomore Standing
Two other EB courses, selected with advice from the Accounting, Business, and Economics faculty, at least one of which must be 300/400 level (excluding EB 210 and 211, Quantitative Business Analysis and Business Statistics) 3 + 3* Pre-requisites will NOT automatically be waived

* Must total 6 credits.

Important Notes:

  1. For most programs the only requirement is a B.S. or B.A. with NO specific prerequisite courses. However, the minimal list above will provide a good general background. It is important to check requirements of schools in which you are interested no later than your sophomore year and then to pursue a POE in any area in which you are interested.
  2. Strongly recommended: a second semester of quantitative/statistics courses, (ex. Quantitative Business Analysis II), logic (ex. Symbolic Logic), Communication courses and an English course. Other recommended courses include International Economic Issues, Mediation, Ethics of Health Care, and foreign language (especially Spanish).
  3. This course list does NOT represent a POE, nor does it cover College requirements. Design a POE, preferably in an academic area, in consultation with your advisor.
  4. Make sure to have an advisor in the Accounting, Business, and Economics Departmen. Professor Kathy Baughman is recommended.
  5. In addition to your course work you are required to gain some experience in health administration either during the school year or over the summer.


HEALTH ADMINISTRATION (all courses are offered both semesters)


Freshman Year Introduction to Business Financial Accounting
Sophomore Year The Management Process Behavioral Analysis of Organizations
Junior Year Appropriate 300/400 level course Appropriate 300/400 level course
  Admission Exam Preparation* Admission Exam Preparation

*Both semesters of the year you plan to take the exam.

Competitive credentials: Science and overall GPA of 3.0: check with specific schoools for competitive GRE or GMAT scores

Be mindful of your POE courses, which are NOT indicated here.  For example, if you have a Biology POE, you will need to take Freshman seminar the fall of your freshman year,  Frontiers of Biology either semester your sophomore year, and Biology 207 at your earliest opportunity after completing the Introduction to Inorganic Chermistry.

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