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The Hall Golf Association

By Marilyn Cobiseno '13

It’s a 3:00 pm on a Friday afternoon. You might think professors and students alike are trying to run away from academic buildings, prepping for an early weekend. Not on the third floor of Founders. The History department is preparing to play a weekly round of hall golf. What is hall golf you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. We set up put-put holes in various places around the hallways and classrooms, complete with sand traps (a cleverly placed towel or the very uneven cork tiling) and obstacles (an upturned desk, table, bench, etc.).

This all started with three of the history professors: Jim Tuten, Dave Hsiung, and David Sowell. The three of them love to golf and would bring their putters to the office, putting a few balls now and then. Some of us in the department noticed this and wanted in on the fun. I mean, if you saw your professors putting in the hallways, wouldn’t you want to join? Last year it started out as only about three or four of us in the department that would join them in the shenanigans every week. Now we have a solid five to six kids that include department kids as well as others who have heard about our awesomeness and want in on the fun.

Because of the increased interest, we have expanded our operation and now have somewhere around fifteen balls each uniquely representing the person who gave it to the department. President Kepple even gave us a few! The putters have also grown in number. We have really short ones, tall ones, a purple one, a strictly lefty putter and even a vintage one that Dr. Hsiung picked up at a flea market last summer. We accommodate all peculiarities! Setting up the holes is probably the most fun. We have been known to golf around the corners, inside of professors’ offices, and even start off of the chalk ledge. During one of the summer tournaments that the professors have, they even golfed down the stairs. How they come up with these things I will never know. We have yet to break anything, but Dr. Sowell does have one mean golf swing that was real close to taking out a light fixture. It probably helps that he’s the department chair. :)

Things like hall golf make me glad I chose Juniata. Only in a small environment like ours could we get away with activities like this, and really foster the kind of student-teacher relationships that I think make us unique. Plus, it only confirms my belief that the History department is the coolest department on campus. Because where else could you launch a golf ball into a professor’s office and not get in trouble for it?

This is usually followed by "OOOOOH!!!"

Jim surveys the long shot.

Under-table shots are particularly challenging.

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