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The Resurrection of Skulldiggers

By Heather Kleber '15

During September, I and three other history students decided to resurrect the history club, known as Skulldiggers. Skulldiggers, which has been running on and off for years due to student interest, gathered enough interest this year at the annual picnic to be considered a campus club. Although Skulldiggers was not back together in time for Lobsterfest, the annual picnic that welcomes students back to campus, as well as allows students to sign up for student organizations, Skulldiggers has picked up a fair number of regular club members who want to be a part of the club in returning years.

The mission of Skulldiggers is to engage students that are interested in history, anthropology, and art history in activities promoting the study of history across a variety of disciplines. The goal in getting this club back together was to foster bonds in between different departments on campus and bring them together to engage and have fun.

Skulldiggers wants to keep gaining members in future semesters. Skulldiggers has participated in Relay for Life, and created t-shirts to be printed for next year. Meetings in the past have included food (pie from club advisor Dr. Douglas Stiffler), movies, and crazy fundraising ideas. Plans for next year include participating in Relay for Life and planning a field trip to Washington DC.

The officers for the 2012 – 2013 year are: Marilyn Cobiseno ’13 (President), Heather Kleber ’15 (Vice-President), Amberle Nickas ’15 (Secretary), and Megan Vanaman ’15 (Treasurer).

The officers for the 2013 – 2014 year are : Megan Vanaman ’15 and Heather Kleber ’15 (co-presidents), Linley Erickson ’16 (Vice President), Emma Campbell ’16 (Secretary), and Colleen Wall ’14 (Treasurer).

Officers of Skulldiggers for the 2012 - 2013 year, (From left to right) Megan, Amberle, Heather, Marilyn.

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