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Student Spotlight

Meg Hall, '12, talks about her internship and study abroad experiences

by Meg Hall


During the summer of 2010, I interned at the College in both the President’s Office and College Advancement. This internship was an extension of my job as President’s Office student assistant which I had been employed at since 2008. In many ways, my internship was my job, just in the summer months. I was expected to make copies, run errands, answer phones, and perform basic office duties. There were many projects throughout the summer, such as a history timeline of the college that is now used on the Juniata website, that enabled me to work independently and in an area that interested me. However, it was during the hours in which I was able to work for College Advancement that my internship became really exciting. For College Advancement, I helped with an ongoing project in which all the alumni folders are being archived and scanned into an online database. While this might seem like boring to some, it was actually a lot of fun. I learned a lot about Juniata’s history from these files and the stories of the students’ lives were hilarious at times. I read about a student from the 50’s that was reprimanded for having a boy in a classroom with the lights out. They were not doing anything; but because the lights were out, the girl received detention. Other folders contained odds and ends concerning traditions such as Storming of the Arch or the infamous incident of the Panty Raids in the 50-60’s. Overall, I learned a lot of the smaller intricacies of student life all through Juniata’s history.

Studying abroad was the best decision I made at Juniata. My year abroad was the greatest experience and one that I probably would not have had had I decided to go somewhere else. I spent the year at York St. John University in York, England. But the best part of studying abroad was not the studying aspect. The workload overseas is more comparable to high school work than it was to Juniata’s work. The best part of studying abroad was just being abroad. There was so much to see in such a small area that most weekends, I would not be in York but either in the surrounding countryside or on the eastern coast. From York, it was only 2 hours to London by train and 3 hours to Edinburgh. If you are ever in Scotland, you have to at least try haggis. Most people think it is disgusting, but after eating bland English food for 3 months, it was the best food I had. York was also a main bus hub so I could take an hour bus trip to Scarborough or Whitby. There were bus lines that went to local castles and monasteries. I was in my own little world because I was surrounded by so much history and I could explore it any time I wanted to. Even though I was not on mainland Europe, it was so easy to just jump on a train or plane and spend a week going to Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, and a whole host of other cities. Studying abroad allowed me to explore the world in a way I could never have done otherwise. I met a number of amazing people, most of whom I still keep in touch with. I still have some British mannerisms over a year after I left so I know that my time in England will stick with me for the rest of my life.