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The Third Floor of Founders

A Virtual Tour

by Amy Hunt, '12


This year, the history department made the move into the newly renovated Founders Hall. (You might remember pictures of the construction in last year's newsletter.) New offices, new lounge, new classrooms. For those of you who can’t make it back to campus to check out the new digs, we’ve compiled here a virtual tour.

If you enter from the bell tower steps and turn left, perhaps you’ll wander into the bright, shiny classrooms.

You may even wander into some of the offices just around the corner, like Jim Tuten’s...

...or David Sowell's.

(For those of you familiar with Professor Sowell’s office in I. Harvey, you might be wondering, “Where is his hammock?” Well, that’s a good question. How he survived the entire academic year without that office hammock, we can only imagine.)

If you go straight ahead from the stairway, you might discover that the history department shares the third floor with the President and the Provost, as well as portraits of past presidents. This location brings an endless number of prospective student tours to the third floor (and as it should, since it’s the best floor in the building).

And if you turn right from the stairway, you can head down the next hallway and find the rest of the professors’ offices, as well as the bright new lounge. You could see who's decided to study history here at Juniata, or what some alum have done since graduating.


You could stop by and say hello to Annette Querry...

...or Dave Hsiung, in whose office you might encounter a stuffed animal or Professor X peeking out from between the books.

You might stop by Alison Fletcher's office...

...or Doug Stiffler's (which is still quite messy—no cameras allowed past the doorway!).

You might even encounter a real live professor, like Belle Tuten!

(Professors do use their offices, contrary to what you may have gathered from these photos. For some strange reason, most of them just don’t like having their pictures taken.)

And if you make it all the way down to the end of the hallway, you can relax in the department lounge—or study, the more popular activity among students. Its huge windows are perfect for those sunny days when students are stuck studying indoors. It’s almost like you’re outside! It’s also rare that you’ll enter the lounge two days in a row and find the furniture in the same arrangement. We students like to move things around to our liking.

If you get the chance, come by and visit the department in its new home! We love the company, and hopefully you'll love the new look of Founders.