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Publications by Dave Hsiung

My early scholarly interests focused on the social and cultural history of southern Appalachia.  How did stereotypes of the mountaineers develop?  I try to provide an answer in my book, Two Worlds in the Tennessee Mountains (1997).  Although I continue to keep my fingers in that intellectual pie, the broad range of courses I teach at Juniata has led me to research and write about topics as different as colonial Indian-white relations and the role of music in the modern Civil Rights Movement. 

My current research combines my scholarly and teaching interests in environmental history and the American Revolution.  Research conducted during a wonderful year-long fellowship at the Massachusetts Historical Society has appeared as “Food, Fuel, and the New England Environment in the War for Independence, 1775-1776” in the December 2007 issue of The New England Quarterly.  In the not-too-distant future, I hope to write a book that examines the American Revolution from several environmental perspectives.  And before I’m finished, I’d like to tackle a host of other topics: race relations in an Alaskan town during the Klondike Gold Rush; the role of the coyote in American history and culture; and an environmental interpretation of the Civil Rights Movement.