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Student Research

Senior Research in 2012-2013

Andrew Groninger '13, "Political Violence in Meiji Japan" (D. Stiffler)

Melissa King '13, "We are All Astronauts" (D. Sowell)

Moira MacKay '13, "'Lift up thy Voice like a Trumpet': Anne Knight and the Fight for Enfranchisement" (A. Fletcher)

Elena Popchock '13, "Burying the Dead, as Well as a Memory: Media Coverage of the Augusta, Georgia Race Riot, May 1970" (J. Tuten)

Gabriella Ricciardi '13, "Time and Treasures: Museums and the Selection of Objects" (B. Tuten)

Anthony Scalia '13, "Soldiers' Relations to Death: An Examination of the Battle of the Bulge" (D. Hsiung)

Chelsea Veranis '13, "A New Home and a New Identity: the Irish Migrant Experience in 19th century New Zealand" (A. Fletcher)

Claire Wayman '13, "Leaving their Mark: Trail Registries Along the Oregon Trail" (D. Hsiung)

Senior Research in 2011-2012

Marilyn Cobiseno '13, "'Three Generations of Imbeciles is Enough:' Eugenics, Progressivism and Sterilization in Virginia and California in the Early 20th Century" (D. Sowell)

Nora Davidson '12, "Fairy Tales, Bothy Ballads, and Superstition: Women's Agency in the Scottish Highlands during the Nineteenth Century" (A. Fletcher)

Riley Downs '12, "Newspapers and the Public: Investigating the Potential Influence of Editorials on Public Opinion During the Vietnam War" (D. Sowell)

Dani Gaisior '12, "Good Wolf, Bad Wolf: the Werewolves in Harry Potter" (B. Tuten/ C. Peters)

Tine Guldbrand '12, "Sanctuary or Mass Graves: Rwandan Churches During the Genocide" (A. Fletcher)

Meghan Hall '12, "Them's Fighting Words: War of the Roses Accounts from Yorkist and Lancastrian Chronicles" (B. Tuten)

Sarah Hodgkins '12, "The Impact of Personality and Experience on Decision-Making: Neville Chamberlain and his Policy of Appeasement" (D. Hsiung)

Amy Hunt '12, "More than 'Cheesecake': Apartheid and Politics in Drum Magazine in 1950s South Africa" (A. Fletcher)

Myriah LaChance '12, "Desmond Tutu's Idea of Restorative Justice Evaluated through Two Hearings of the Reconciliation Commission of South Africa" (A. Fletcher)

Carrie Lawler '12, "A Woman's Secret: Medieval Birth Control" (B. Tuten)

Madeline Rathey '12, "The Divergent Paths of Union and Confederate Scouts and Spies in the War of the Rebellion" (J. Tuten)

Senior Research in 2010-2011

Elizabeth Buenzli ’11, “The Eyes of Imperialism: Postcards of North African Women Mailed to Britain” (A. Fletcher) (Liberal Arts Symposium presentation)

Elizabeth Donovan ’11, “ricekingdom.com: Using Information Technology to Present the Past” (J. Tuten) (Liberal Arts Symposium presentation)

Daniel Follett ’11, “Monte Cassino: How Geography, Weather, and Climate Effected the Outcome of the Battle” (D. Hsiung) (Senior Thesis/ LAS)

Christina Gongaware ’11, “Chinese Hooligan Literature: Finding the Roots of Anti-establishment Writing” (D. Stiffler) (Senior Thesis/LAS)

Sam Lyon '11, "China Tea Clippers" (D. Hsiung) (Senior Thesis)

Patrick McShane ’11, “The Gaelic Athletic Association and Irish Nationalism 1884-1916” (A. Fletcher) (Senior Thesis/ LAS)

Jodi Oxenreiter ’11, “Vaudeville and the Yellow Peril: The Intriguing Story of Chung Ling Soo” (D. Stiffler) (Senior Thesis/LAS)

Jake Weller ’11, “The Hunter-Naturalist” (J. Tuten) (LAS)

Senior Theses completed in 2009-2010

Erica Bettwy '10, "'And they were disillusioned...': the Sharpeville Massacre" (A. Fletcher)

Julia Bogue '10, "The 'Bitch' is back: Understanding Feminine Polical Leadership through a Metaphorical Criticism of Hillary Clinton" (B. Tuten/D. Weimer)

Taylor Brown '10, "Constantine's Christian Legacy" (B. Tuten)

Matthew Dunker '10, "Prohibition and the Mafia" (D. Sowell)

Jacob Gordon '10, "An Ending Unwritten: Ivor Gurney's Life During War and its Aftermath" (A. Fletcher)

Zach Wakefield ’10, “Justice in Hattiesburg: The Murder of Vernon Dahmer and Mississippi's Changing Racial Cultures” (D. Sowell)

Michael Walsh '10, "Uncommon Valor on Iwo Jima" (J. Tuten)

Jordan Yeagley '10, "Religious Cleansing: the Cooperation of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Slobodan Milosevic during the Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia" (A. Fletcher)

Senior Theses completed in 2008-2009

Thomas Brisbane '09, "Newark Riots" (advisor: David Sowell)

Steve Crow '09, "Hemis, TV and The King: NASCAR's Transition to National Sport, 1960-1980" (J. Tuten)

Clayton Diehl '09, "J. Robert Oppenheimer: the Obedient Physicist" (D. Hsiung)

Keenan Drenning '09, "The Minister's Collar or the Colt .45?: Martin Grove Brumbaugh and the Shift from Pacifist to Patriot during World War I" (J. Tuten)

Michael Hansen '09, "The Battle of Thermoyplae: Oral vs. Film" (B. Tuten)

Jessica Kline '09, "White Robes and High Heels: The Women of the Ku Klux Klan" (J. Tuten)

Jessica Topel '09, "LBJ's Struggle for Civil Rights"(D. Sowell)

Recent Faculty Publications

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