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How to write the essay

In a well written statement, describe your motivation for applying to the Eagles Abroad Programs. Your academic goals, personal preparation and expectations you have for studying abroad are critical components in the evaluation of your application. NOTE - Short-Term Study Abroad programs DO NOT require an essay! Make sure that your essay addresses these questions:

  1. Why are you interested in studying abroad?
  2. How does an international experience fit into your academic program and life goals?
  3. Discuss how you have prepared for this experience, how you intend to continue to do so in the months to come, and what you expect to accomplish while abroad. Explain your choice of study abroad program. The limited enrollment programs are competitive. Please also include a second choice program and a rationale for the second choice.
  4. The statement should also address what you imagine will be your greatest personal challenge and your greatest personal asset in terms of how well you will adapt to another cultural, linguistic, and academic environment.

Do a good job: Remember that your essay is read carefully by many people, and it is intended to provide powerful support to your being approved to study abroad. After you have composed (and carefully revised) your essay:

  1. Type your name at the beginning of your essay.
  2. Save your essay on your computer! Give it a name that includes your name. You may save it as a word document or a pdf.
  3. You will be asked to DOWNLOAD the essay at the end of the Eagles Abroad application. The online application will not allow you to click SUBMIT without your essay attached.
  4. Your online application, essay, and recommendations are all due on December 1. You must print your recommendation forms from the application page in the STEP 2 section. Your professor should send your recommendation directly to the Study Abroad Advisor in the Center for International Education in the Oller Center. Be sure to attach a copy of your essay statement with each of the three (or four) Recommendation Forms.
  5. Don't forget to thank your professors for writing a recommendation for you!

If you have any questions about your application, contact Carolyn Gibson, the Study Abroad Advisor ( ) or stop in the Center for International Education.