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Juniata College has been awarded a grant from the Council of Independent Colleges as funded by the Lilly Foundation Inc. to promote discussion of vocation among study abroad students. Juniata College’s mission to prepare students for a “fulfilling life of service and ethical leadership in the global community”and motto “Think, Evolve, Act" is being operationalized through collaboration of academic and student service units through the project supported by Network for the Exploration of Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) and intends to assist students in the exploration of meaningful career paths after study abroad. Grant activities will include a curriculum model for a pre-, during, and post- course for short-term, faculty-led programs abroad. Other grant activities include a post-study abroad mentoring program which matches students to assist one another through the reentry process and to promote reflection and discussion, particularly surrounding issues of vocational exploration as it relates to study abroad.

NetVUE Staff

Seth Weil '13

NetVUE Program Coordinator - Study Abroad

Office: Oller Center, 2nd Floor

Phone: 814-641-3974

Seth graduated from Juniata with a bachelors of Biopsychology. He is currently working as the NetVUE Program Coordinator in the Center for International Education at Juniata. When Seth was a student he spent a six months of his junior year in Newcastle, Australia. Seth loves to travel and has been to every continent with the exception of Antarctica. He is always looking to travel to new places and experience new cultures. Seth is excited and looking forward to working with Juniata students and assisting them throughout their study abroad experience. Feel free to stop by Seth's office or send him an email with any questions that you may have.

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Peer Mentors

Mackenzie Coulter-Kern ‘14

POE: International Studies and Spanish

Studied abroad in Argentina and The Gambia

My study abroad program: For the last 6 months I’ve been studying abroad in Córdoba, Argentina at the National University of Córdoba (UNC). I spent the first month of my 6 months living with a family while I took and intensive grammar course and the second 5 months living in an apartment in the center of the city with students from other countries studying in Argentina. I arrived alone as an independent student and the program was not part of the Juniata exchange programs. Although Argentina did not have an exchange program when I arrived, the Spanish department is currently working to open a program with my university in Córdoba or in Mendoza. Part of the reason that I chose to study abroad in Argentina is because with my POE in International Studies I’ve been taking the majority of my classes in the Politics, Economics, and History departments. Because of dictatorships in the last 30 years, Los Desaparecidos (30,000 people that disappeared during the military dictatorship), and the current devaluation and extremely high inflation of the peso...Argentina was the perfect place for me to go to be able to look into all three elements of politics, history, and econ and how they intersect in Argentina. During my time studying in Argentina I worked for a student run travel company and was able to travel around the country for half price, volunteered with children in a neighborhood outside the city, and played soccer on a team from my university. My most memorable memories from Argentina are the conversations that I had with friends cooking and eating dinner on our terrace and drinking mate in the park. Fun fact: I made it through the whole semester without a scratch until my last week in Argentina when I hyperextended my knee dancing cuarteto.

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Ryan Dempsey ‘14

POE: Wildlife Conservation

Studied abroad in The Gambia

Hey my name is Ryan Dempsey and I am a senior at Juniata College studying Wildlife Conservation. All my life I have loved animals, the outdoors, and have had a strong urge to travel and see the world. I studied abroad during the spring semester of my sophomore year at Juniata and am so grateful for my experience. Getting the opportunity to briefly live and travel in The Gambia and Senegal has only fueled my desire to travel. After college I hope to work at a wildlife refuge or sanctuary somewhere outside of the United States. I have spent my most recent summer working at a local nature center and have enjoyed learning how to handle large reptiles and birds of prey while also learning how to teach kids at the camps about the natural world. I also enjoy playing guitar. If you are interested in Study Abroad or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Ally Lush ‘14

POE: International Studies

Studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador and The Gambia

I am a senior with an International Studies POE. I transferred to Juniata in 2010 and have enjoyed many international opportunities since arriving on campus! I’ve traveled to the Gambia for the summer program, for three weeks, then returned for a semester at the University of the Gambia in spring 2012. The next year, I spent the spring semester in Ecuador, at the Universidad de San Francisco in Quito. After graduation, I plan to continue my studies in international sustainable agriculture, and look forward to many more adventures, both in the U.S. and abroad!


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Andy Blunk ‘14

POE: Environmental Science

Studied abroad in The Gambia

My name is Andy Blunk Environmental Science POE Class of 2014. I have traveled to France, Switzerland, Holland, Scotland, Romania, Hungary, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, and Guatemala. I studied in The Gambia Spring 2012. Also I was a student assistant for The Gambia summer course 2013. With Concert Choir I have been to Hungary, Romania and Guatemala on singing tours. I am also a member of the Juniata College Men’s Soccer Team. I helped start the disc golf club at Juniata, and it’s the most fun club at the whole school.



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