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Sevilla, Spain, Leeds, England, Strasbourg, France, Xalapa, Mexico, York, England

Skylar Kulbacki 2011-2012. Studied in Sevilla, Spain.

My name is Skylar Kulbacki and I am currently a senior here at Juniata College with a POE in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures and a secondary emphasis in Biology.  As the Co-President of Spanish Club, I spend a lot of my time trying to integrate the Hispanic culture into the Juniata society.  I was fortunate enough to have spent the 2010-2011 academic year studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain as a direct exchange student at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide.  Experiencing life outside of the United States, in a foreign culture, allowed me to grow as a person and expand my horizons.  I can only wish that others are able to have the kind of experience that I was lucky enough to have and would love to help anyone and everyone that has the desire to see the world.

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Monica Dhaduk 2011-2012. Studied in Leeds, England.Monica Dhaduk, Fall 2011 IPA

My name is Monica Dhaduk and I am a senior here at Juniata College.  My POE is Biology and I am on the pre-medicine track.  I spent my study abroad experience in Leeds during the 2010 fall semester. It was the most amazing experience I had. I met so many people and made friends and learned a lot about the English culture. My experience made me a more mature, independent, and confident person. In addition, I am of a different culture myself. I come from a Hindu background, so not only did I get to learn about the English culture but also I was able to teach others about my own. I have also been to India, Costa Rica, Canada, Alaska, Canary Islands, and many of the European countries. I have always had a passion for travelling around the world and learning about different cultures and study abroad helped me to do that. Do not pass on the opportunity to study abroad, not only will you regret it later, but also you will lose the best experience of your life.  I am more than happy to talk to anyone who is interested in study abroad or wants to hear more about my experiences!

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Yuan Wang, IPA Fall 2011Yuan Wang Fall 2011. Studied in Strasbourg, France.

My name is Yuan Wang and I’m a senior with a POE in International Political Economy and a secondary emphasis in French. I spent the 2010-2011 academic year in Strasbourg, France and finish a three-month on site internship at the Information Center of the European Institutions. Being able to spend a year in Europe and to work in a European environment not only broadened my views but also became one of my most unforgettable experiences during college. As an international student who is currently studying abroad in Juniata College, I would love to share my experience with anyone who is considering seeing more of the world.

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Meagan Schneiderman, IPA Fall 2011Meagan Schneiderman 2011-2012. Studied in Xalapa, Mexico.

My name is Meagan Schneiderman and I am a senior here at Juniata College. My POE is Sociology with a secondary emphasis in Spanish. I am also on the pre-medicine professional track. I had an amazing time studying abroad in Xalapa, Mexico during the spring semester of 2011. I originally decided to go to Xalapa to improve my Spanish, but came back to the United States with so much more than the ability to speak Spanish better. Study abroad was an enriching and educational experience because I was able to immerse myself in an entirely new culture and learn about my ability to adapt to foreign situations. I also had the chance to live with a host family, try new foods, explore incredible archaeological sites plus so much more.  My semester in Mexico was a life-changing experience that I will never forget.  I encourage everyone to check out study abroad options and would be happy to describe my experience in more detail to anyone who is interested!

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Katie Graves 2011-2012. Studied in York, England.