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Eagles Abroad Pre-departure Orientation #4

Predeparture #4 is our Health, Safety, and Security meeting. We will review how to keep yourself healthy and safe while abroad and also cover things like behavior and etiquette, culture, packing, and you will sign forms without which you cannot go abroad! The final predeparture meeting will be conducted like the first – there are several to choose from, but you must choose 1!

During this meeting you will receive several documents full of information about your personal health while abroad and how to travel safety.

Safety and Security Handout - This document is created by the US State Department, and is the most comprehensive safety packet. It contains helpful tips and advice to protect yourself and your valuables while you are abroad. It also has 3 pages of resources (websites for more information, phone numbers to call, etc.) to use if you are unfortunately victim to a crime. This handout is invaluable and you should make room for it in your suitcase!

Smart Travel Handout - Another document developed by the US State Department. This packet has information of interest to specific groups that others sometimes do not cover - women travelers, LGBT travelers, and travelers with disabilities.

Health Information - How do you stay healthy in Ecuador? Or India? Or England? This guide has lots of great information on just that. Things to consider include safe drinking water, prescription medication, and mental/emotional health.

Packing for a Trip Abroad - Do you know what to bring and what to leave behind? Use this helpful list to guide your packing. Keep in mind that you will not have nearly as much storage space abroad (yes, rooms are even smaller than your dorm at Juniata!) and therefore it's best to pack extremely light. Pro tip: take half as many clothes and twice as much money! You will never wear everything you bring but you can always use money...and it's considerably lighter.

Emergency Numbers Abroad - A list of emergency contact numbers for fire, ambulance, and police in all of our program countries. If you are planning on travelling a bit, you should take this with you. Just because your host family lives in Spain, doesn't mean you can't have an emergency while you are in Germany.

This meeting is also where you will sign extremely important documents:

These documents assure your place in the program. If you do not sign them, you do not go abroad. Period.