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Juniata in Florence

Landscape of Florence, Italy by Monika Malewska


Arrive in Italy June 1, 2013. Return flight home June 29, 2013

Brief Description of Program:

This intense, four-week, beginning level course will provide students with foundations to digital photography using Italy as a focus of visual exploration.  This class is open to all POEs.  Students will earn three credit hours in fine arts, be introduced to the basic operation practice of an SLR digital camera, and learn Adobe Photoshop tools to gain an understanding of concepts associated with elements of art and the principles of design.

Class time will be divided between work in a digital lab and photographic locations in Florence, Venice, and Rome.  Students will be engaged in class discussions, critiques, and numerous fieldtrips to enhance and help develop foundations of digital photography.  Students will generate a portfolio of photographic work upon return home.

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Must attend orientation meetings on the following dates:

March 15, 2013

April 25, 2013


3 credits in Fine Arts


Non-refundable deposit due February 15.

$5,320 covers tuition, housing, and instructional fee. Students should budget about $1,000 for flight and $1,000 for meals and incidentals.


Please contact Professor Monika Malewska.

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