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Greece: Athens

Regional information:

Athens is the capital of Greece and is considered by many the birthplace of democracy and Western civilization. Much of its 3,400 years of history is not forgotten in this city with dozens of ancient ruins, temples, monuments, and museums. It is also a very modern city with theatres, cafes, night clubs, restaurants, and sports arenas that range from rustic to chic.

Inland Greece is a very mountainous and dry country. Near the coast it is beautiful with tons of beaches. Athens is a very safe city, and it blends the "old" and the "new" very well. Traffic in the city is a bit crazy, but the metro system is updated, modern, and clean. The islands in the Aegean Sea are beautiful and definitely worth a couple day or extended weekend trips. They vary in distance from Athens: the closest are only 2 hours by ferry and others require overnight trips.

-Lauren Seganos, studied in Athens Fall 2009

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