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Ecuador: Galapagos

Educational Setting:

Front of USFQ in the Galapagos with a sea lion

If students are looking for a place where you are outside of the classroom and in nature and the environment then the GAIAS program is exactly that. For the first month of the program we had class in mainland Ecuador Tuesday-Friday for 3 hours. One week we went to the Amazon Rainforest and for a weekend went to the Cloud Forest.  While in the Galapagos we had four three week classes where we took one class for three weeks and then moved on to the next class.  Classes were generally 9am-12pm and the rest of the day was free to do as you pleased. We had at least one field trip a week and sometimes had class on the beach across the street. All of the classes are in English and the professors live in the University so are easily accessible. 

There is also an included spring break trip with the program that includes traveling to other islands other than San Cristobal which is packed with snorkeling with sharks, climbing a volcano, and all the food you can eat!

-Morgan Slovin, studied in the Galapagos Spring 2013

Inside USFQ Galapagos lobbyStudent gathering space in USFQ Galapagos

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