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Australia: Newcastle


Housing on campus is extremely limited (only 900 beds for 15,000 students!). There are 4 residence halls in Callaghan campus; Barahineban, Edwards Hall, International House, and Evatt House; and 1 residence hall in the Central Coast campus; Blue Gum House. It is very rare for a student to be placed in on-campus housing. International students are not given priority and so are grouped in with all the other applicants.

Some students do homestays.  In a homestay, students must stay for 4 weeks but then can remain in the same homestay at the end, move to another homestay, get an apartment, or share a house.  Some homestay families will provide transportation to and from the university everyday as well as dinner (lunch if requested for an additional cost).  A recent student paid about $215 Australian dollars (about $227 US) per week for room and board as well as transportation and internet. Students have their own bedroom (including a bed, linens, desk, cupboard, and lamp) and share a bathroom and laundry facilities with other international students and the host family.

Another option for housing is off-campus apartments or houses rented by Newcastle students. This is the most common housing option. This can be a challenge for some students who have never lived on their own before, and most have never arranged housing overseas. Newcastle's Accommodation Services understands this and so they provide information about rental accommodation and maintain an interactive database of current accommodation options. They can even provide transportation for students to look at potential apartments/houses. It is important to personally inspect anywhere you intend to live before signing a contract!

Students should research all their options on the Newcastle Accommodation Services website.

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