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Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) is a private, American-style university that was founded in 1985. The school, often considered "the premier university of Ecuador," has approximately 3,300 undergraduate students, about 10 percent of which are international students.

In the fall semester, there is a one month orientation, "Ecuador: Language and Culture," which is very informative and helps you ease into Ecuadorian life. The instructor for the four credit course is the BCA-Quito director. Spring term students take the one-credit, 12-contact hour pre-semester course "Ecuador: Culture and Justice."

Tiputini Biodiversity Station The Tiputini Raystown Environmental Exchange (TREE) program is run through the Raystown Field Station.

-Lindsay Norton, studied in Quito Fall 2009

While in Quito, I did not take classes in my POE (Religious Studies) because there were not any.  However, I took Spanish grammar and Ecuadorian culture classes, to work towards my Spanish Secondary Emphasis.  The professors are great, and really want their students to succeed, and just taking classes in Spanish helped my Spanish speaking improve!  Taking classes not intended for International Students is more difficult, but I knew many of my fellow BCA'ers who successfully did so.  I also would recommend taking a fun class - either a sport or yoga, or something crafty like weaving or metal working or jewelry making.  It is something I did not do, that I deeply regretted when I got to see all the cool stuff my friends got to make.

- Michelle Merola, studied in Quito spring 2013

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