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In order to complete your application to study abroad, you need to have turned in 3 recommendations by December 1. These recommendations include:

  1. POE Advisor
  2. General Advisor or Other Academic
  3. General Recommendation – this person can be on-campus or off. Most common recommenders are employers, coaches, pastors, choir directors, band directors, departmental chairs, internship supervisors, etc. They cannot be from your family.
  4. Language Reference – ONLY if you are applying to a site where the language of instruction is other than English. In the right hand column of the list of programs, you will see what the language of instruction is at your particular site. If the language of instruction is not English, you need a language recommendation.

You need to print out each form, fill out sections A and B, and sign the form. The best plan of action is to contact the person you want to submit a recommendation, arrange a meeting, discuss your plans to study abroad, and thank them for completing the recommendation. Under NO circumstances should you ever simply put the recommendation form in their mailbox without speaking to them first. This is very rude and reflects poorly on you.

Recommenders do not need to write anything in addition to the form, however, they can if they would like to. It would be a good idea for students applying to Limited Enrollment (LE) sites to have their recommenders add extra support since competition for certain LE programs is very high. You should include a pre-addressed envelope for your recommenders to use and, if they will be mailing the recommendation, a stamp.

It is your responsibility to ensure that recommendations are filled out. Please start the process early (not one week before the due date) and follow up with your reference to see if the form was received and then submitted to the Center for International Education on the 2nd floor of the Oller Center for Peace and International Programs by December 1. Students can turn them in themselves or have their recommenders mail them to us. Applicants missing recommendations are considered to have incomplete applications and could be excluded from review by the International Education Committee.

If sending by mail, please send to:

Carolyn Gibson
Center for International Education
Juniata College
1700 Moore Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652

If you have any questions about your application, contact Carolyn Gibson, the Study Abroad Advisor ( ) or stop in the Center for International Education.