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Intensive English Program Courses

Juniata's Intensive English Program offers a high quality education. The instructors are highly experienced and certified in Teaching English as a Second Language. All of them have lived and worked in other countries and understand the transition process that international students experience when studying in a new country.


Admission and Placement

Prospective students must be a minimum of 18 years old. A minimum official TOEFL score or equivalent (see below) is required for admission to the IEP, as we do not offer beginner courses.

If you wish to enter Juniata College as a degree seeking student, you must apply directly through the enrollment office. Contact Mr. Rylan Good, the International Student Admissions Officer, for details. You will not have to re-apply to the IEP if you need ESL courses.

Upon arrival at Juniata, all international students will be tested and placed into courses according to their English proficiency level. The Intensive English Program offers academic English courses at three levels:




All international students who are non-native speakers of English will be tested to determine their English proficiency upon arrival to determine their courses. Students who have "English-Conditional" admittance will be enrolled in appropriate ESL courses and will need to progress through the ESL program according to the current IEP policy. Students who have been accepted based on non-conditional admission standards may still require additional English language support as determined by testing after their arrival. These students will need to enroll in appropriate ESL courses for credit according to current IEP policy.

The following are general guidelines Juniata uses when placing students into IEP classes (the lowest scores are required for admission). For the fall semester, students are admitted to all three levels. For the spring semester, students are only admitted to the High-Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is the student's responsibility to make sure official test scores are sent to Juniata College. Under no circumstance will any student be admitted without official test scores.




Fall semester only


Fall and Spring semesters


Fall and Spring semesters

Minimum section score: 10




Minimum section score: 42




Minimum section score: 4.5




Pearson PTE Academic
Minimum section score: 30




The program encourages English fluency, both in class and outside of class, through projects, surveys and interviews with Americans. You must take a minimum of 12 credits per semester. This is a full-time load, as IEP courses give credit which can be used for graduation requirements. You will focus on developing language skills and building self-confidence in using English. The courses emphasize:




As all ESL course carry Juniata College credit which can be applied toward graduation requirements, the IEP follows Juniata’s policies regarding academic advancement which allows students with a passing grade of 60% or higher to move to the next level. As language skills are vital to academic success, however, every effort should be made by students in their ESL courses to achieve the highest level of skills and knowledge possible as this will provide the foundation for all future academic courses.


To view the full policy, please refer to the Juniata Student Manual.





ESL 100 Intermediate Writing and Composition

ESL 101 Intermediate Listening and Speaking

ESL 102 Intermediate Reading and Study Skills

ESL 103 Intermediate Grammar in Speaking and Listening

High Intermediate

ESL 150 High Intermediate Academic Writing

ESL 151 High Intermediate Conversation & Discussion

ESL 152 High Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary Development

ESL 153 High Intermediate Grammar in Writing

ESL 155 Clear Speech (1 credit)

ESL 170 High Intermediate Academic Writing II

Content-based courses

ESL 200 America: A Nation of Immigrants (Intermediate)

ESL 201 From Egg to Ancestor: A Study of Cultures (High Intermediate)


ESL 211 Advanced Listening and Speaking Seminar - linked with a course in another academic department

ESL 212 Advanced Reading

ESL 250 Advanced College Writing

Course descriptions

Tutors are available for students who need extra help. Tutors are often Juniata students who are in training to become teachers.