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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do college students participate?
A: To share another language and culture with others, learn more, improve their self-confidence and communication skills, and have fun.

Q: How do college students participate?
A: Through a repeatable service-learning course, as a requirement for other courses, or as a volunteer.

Q: How are student presenters recruited?
A: At Juniata, word-of-mouth, recruitment by faculty and international program staff, and announcements attract an average of 20-30 students each semester. Some partner institutions have smaller, competitive programs.

Q: Do the presenters get training before going into the schools?
A: Yes, presenters attend a series of workshops, including one with teachers present.

Q: Is the model replicable?
A: Absolutely. The program is designed around core goals and common program elements, but it is inherently flexible.

Q: Why have a consortium?
A: To share program ideas and materials, provide mutual support for addressing challenges, expand professional development opportunities, conduct assessments, provide quality control, and disseminate the model. We welcome new members.