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What Do I Need to Know About the Program?

Language in Motion offers teachers several opportunities for enriching their students’ learning experiences and for professional development.

Classroom Enrichment Presentations: Juniata offers a semi-annually changing group of college student presenters who are diverse, interesting, and passionate. They have strong second-language knowledge and international experience, either having returned from study abroad or having come to Juniata on a study-abroad trip from their home country. They represent cultures from all over the world, often including China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Russia.

Teachers choose the presenters they would like to have in their classes and work with the director to coordinate their appearance and scheduling. Most of the time, these requests are fulfilled. Each semester at a Teacher-Presenter workshop, participating teachers have a chance to see short sample presentations, meet the Juniata students participating at that time, and talk with them both about their expectations of presentation content and method and about their students. The Juniata students then prepare class-length presentations on the chosen topics, incorporating as much of the target language as the teacher wants.

Teacher FAQ

Q: Where are presenters from?
A: Presenters usually represent most continents in the world.

Q: May I invite presenters if I do not teach their language?
A: Of course. Presenters adapt their material for the age and knowledge level of your students.

Q: Can I meet with the presenters before their presentations?
A: In a workshop held at the college each semester, the teachers meet the presenters and exchange information.

Q: Do presentations enhance curricular goals?
A: Yes. Once selected, presenters work with the teachers on presentation content to ensure appropriate coordination with the curriculum.

Q: Why should my students and I participate when I already struggle to complete the required curriculum?
A: Presentations can include any curricular material you choose and will add a new, youthful, personalized perspective to it. New faces and voices help students learn.

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