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Institutional Partners

Language in Motion Basics

  • The Language in Motion Mission

    Language in Motion expands, enriches, and energizes K-16 language and culture teaching and learning through educational outreach and professional development opportunities.

  • The Language in Motion Vision

    By bringing together campus and school partners and by sharing resources across K-16, Language in Motion excites students to learn more about the world and its peoples, improves and enriches language and culture teaching and learning, hones intercultural skills, demonstrates the value of higher education and of studying language and culture, and supports networks of educators locally and nationwide.

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  • Language in Motion Consortium Goals
  • Language in Motion Consortium Partner Expectations
  • Use of Name Request
  • Please click here to download the Language in Motion Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Current partners include:


"Language in Motion helps us to reach out to the local community and potential students to awaken them to the empowering richness of world languages and cultures."
- Thomas R. Kepple, Former President, Juniata College

“Language in Motion provides a quintessential service-learning opportunity for students of language and culture, study-abroad returnees, and international students to engage with each other and with the local community in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way.”
- Jenifer Cushman
, Dean, Juniata College Center for International Education

"I have noticed that the Language in Motion program is good for international students and their self-development while living in the U.S. I see it as a way for them to reflect on who they are, their culture, and how it relates to and connects with this new culture. As for U.S. students, it is also a chance to reflect and process their study-abroad experiences."
- Kelly Turlish, Former Community Service-Learning Coordinator, Juniata