World Languages
and Cultures

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Faculty & Staff

Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson, Associate Professor of French, Department Chair

Judith Benz

Judith Benz, Assistant Professor of German

Sandra Berchtel, Visiting Language Instructor of German

Julieta Bustos, Visiting Language Instructor of Spanish

Christelle Landu Dombasi

Jenifer Cushman, Associate Professor of German, Dean of International Programs

Amy Frazier-Yoder, Instructor of Spanish

Holly Hayer

Holly Hayer, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Claire Holzner

Claire Holzner, ESL Instructor

Prudence Ingerman

Prudence Ingerman, Senior ESL Instructor and Curriculum Coordinator

Klaus Jaeger

Klaus Jaeger, Professor Emeritus of German

Gretchen Ketner

Gretchen Ketner, Interim Director IEP

Daria Kalnitskaya, Visiting Language Instructor of Russian

Daniela Reimer

Annette Querry , Educational Service Assistant

Daniela Reimer

Deborah Roney, Assistant Professor of English, Director of Language in Motion (LIM)

James Roney

James Roney, Professor of Russian

Oleivia Tagliamento, Visiting Language Instructor of French

Henry Thurston-Griswold

Henry Thurston-Griswold, Professor of Spanish,

Jingxia Yang

Jingxia Yang, Chinese Language Instructor