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Student Research

Mark Berguson ’11, “Working Towards Automating the Detection of Extreme Space Weather Conditions at Earth’s Magnetosphere Using Geosynchronous Observations and Magnetopause Models”

Brad Dinardo ’11, “Examining the Sensitive Effects of Updrafts on Tornadogenesis”

Daniel D’Orazio ’09, “New Algorithms for Computing van der Waals Forces”

Kenneth Goodfellow ’11, “Bidding Connect Four”

Christopher Hegland ’11, “Biangular Coordinates”

Li Kou ’11, “Distributing Profit Fairly: The Shapley Value of a Network Flow Game” and “Analyzing Admission Data”

Sandra Sollenberger ’10, “Sheep, the Good the Bad and the Ugly: Cooperation in a Predator-Prey Model”

Sam Williams ’10, “Beyond Evil and Odious Twins"

Faculty Research