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Choir Auditions

All Singers Welcome!

We welcome new and returning students to audition for Concert Choir and Chamber Choir on Wednesday, August 26. Soon after you arrive on campus, please sign up for an audition time outside Room 201 in Swigart Hall.  Auditions have four parts:

 Your Range Using simple patterns we’ll move up and down your range to see how high and how low you sing.

Your Tonal Memory Using short melodies played on the piano, you’ll sing them back to see how developed your tonal memory is.

Your Sight-Reading Using brief one-line melodies, we’ll see how well you sing at sight without the piano.  If you haven’t learned how to do this, we skip this part.

“My Country ‘Tis of Thee” We’ll supply the words to this familiar melody in case you forget. If you don't know this song, we'll ask you to sing your national anthem.

 More than a dozen Concert Choir members graduated in May 2015.  There are more openings this year than in the recent past.  The auditions are designed as low-stress so don’t be intimidated. 

Choral Ensembles

Choral Ensembles at Juniata College are open to all students by audition and carry academic credit.

Choral Union Concert Choir  


2007 Tour Homecoming Concert
2007 Trinidad & Tobago Tour Homecoming Concert - Rosenberger Auditorium