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Juniata Study Group on Iraqi Prison Abuse

Human Rights Watch Report "The Road to Abu Ghraib"

International Committee of the Red Cross Report "On the treatment by the Coalition Forces of Prisoners of war..."

Taguba Report "Rebuttal to AR 15-6 Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade"

Jones/Fay Report "Investigation of Intelligence Activities at Abu Ghraib"

Schlesinger Report "Final Report of the Independent Panel to Review DoD Detention Operations"

Mikolashek Report "Department of the Army Inspector General Detainee Operations Inspection"

CBC News background to the reports

Geneva Conventions "Reference Guide to the Conventions"

Geneva Convention--the Treatment of Prisoners of War
Entered into force October 21, 1950

International Criminal Court

Nuremberg Trials The University of Missouri Kansas City Law School Files

Nuremberg Trials Court TV Online