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Jenn Ungemach, Class of 1998

What do you do with a peace studies degree if you are a farm girl from Pennsylvania? If you are Jennifer Ungemach you combine your PACS degree with Spanish and set off for Central America! When you talk to Jenn you realize immediately that she has a couple of passions in her life, people and justice. For Jenn, the two are inseparable and her ability to see the humanity and needs of others drives her desire to create a more just and equitable world.

While at Juniata, Jenn studied abroad on two separate occasions, first in Mexico at the Instituto de Estudios Avanzados de Oriente in Veracruz and then at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. These experiences solidified not only her Spanish but her understanding that the privileges enjoyed by those of us living in the first world are both unequal and unfair. In her words, they are “distributed in one gigantic human lottery system. Where you are born determines the limitations or the opportunities you will see.” Through her work Jenn “attempts to even the playing field so that all world citizens share the same rights and opportunities.”

Jenn graduated from Juniata in 1998 and spent the summer after graduation working as a program assistant on the Quest for Peace project at Quixote Center in Maryland. At the end of the summer she packed her bags and headed for Honduras. In Honduras she worked at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, an orphanage that provides a home and family for children of all ages. During her year in Honduras, Jenn was the English department coordinator, taught english to the children, and helped take care of 50 children under the age of seven.

Her next move took her to Nicaragua where she worked for Witness for Peace on their Cuba project. In this work she designed projects to further understanding within the United States about Cuba and the history of Cuban/US policy. Towards this end she organized and led eighteen two–week educational experiences in Cuba aimed specifically at ending the US trade embargo.

After a two year stint with Witness for Peace Jenn has returned to the United States and is now living on Boston, still working on Cuba, this time with OXFAM–AMERICA. She is currently the Program Officer for Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean with special attention to Cuba. Her work with Oxfam America involves coordinating their Cuba projects which include a series of projects in sustainable agriculture/food security and community development projects.

In all of her work Jenn tries to create change in two ways. Many of her projects work to build relationships between and among individuals and groups of people. She has organized tours, work camps, and educational programs all designed to foster connection and understanding between people who otherwise would remain distant and different. At another level she works for change by creating new knowledge and building energy and support for alternative models of development. Fundamental to both approaches is an increase in U.S. citizen’s understanding of the “structures and policies that cause poverty, create hunger, and increase injustice.”


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