Peace and
Conflict Studies

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Celia Cook-Huffman

Celia Cook-Huffman, W. Clay & Kathryn H. Burkholder Professor of Conflict Resolution, Director, Baker Mediation Services

  • Phone: (814) 641-3465

    Office: Oller Center for Peace and International Programs

    Official Biography: FacultyBio_Cook-HuffmanC.html

    Classes: Intro to Conflict Resolution, Conflict Intervention, Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Gender & Conflict, Nonviolence: Theory and Practice

      Polly Walker, Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies



Jim Skelly

James Skelly, Director Emeritus, Senior Fellow


Dave Drews

Dave Drews, Senior Fellow, Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

Andy Murray, Senior Fellow, Director, the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Emeritus


Affiliated Faculty


Jim Borgardt

Jim Borgardt, Associate Professor of Physics, Chair, Baker Institute Board of Advisors

Lynn Cockett

Lynn Cockett, Associate Professor of Communication

Phil Dunwoody

Phil Dunwoody, Associate Professor of Psychology

Alison Fletcher, Assistant Professor of History

Emil Nagengast

Emil Nagengast, Professor of Politics

Randy Rosenberger

Randy Rosenberger, Swigart Supported Associate Professor of Business and Economics

David Sowell

David Sowell, Professor of History

Henry Thurston-Griswold

Henry Thurston-Griswold, Professor of Spanish

Paula Wagoner, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Donna Weimer, Professor of Communication, Department Chair

Daniel Welliver, Assistant Professor of Sociology