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It’s not exactly research (as there will be no publication), but that didn’t stop Jake Weller ’11 from spending an entire school year in a geodesic dome he built himself. As a philosophy POE, Jake has always wanted to try a personal journey and, although he’s not getting any academic credit for his sojourn in the dome, his scholarship was endorsed by Juniata administration and covered by the New York Times. Before you check it out online, see what some of Jake’s colleagues have researched and presented below.
Aaron Adams ’12
, “The Curse of Immortality: How Immortality Inhibits Practicing Death”

Michael Baker ’11, “I Think Therefore I Doubt: A Critical Examination of Descartes’ Cogito” and “What’s on your Mind? A Philosophical Inquiry into Facebook”

Kenneth Cherry ’10, “God or No God: The Existence of a Creator or Impossible Odds”

Tucker Good ’12, “The Meaningless Idea of Original Human Nature”

Jessica Kaplan-Bie ’13, “The Indispensible Tug-of-War”

Kenneth Noga ’11, “An Argument From Authenticity Against Full Virtual Immersion”

Alexander Weimer ’12, “Personal Identity as a Necessary Condition of Death”

Jake Weller ’11, “Epistemological Structures of Truth”

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